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Bug type: Quest Brief bug summary: "Excessively Charming" is not available, possibly due to overleveling charm. Maplestory Reboot Guide.docx - Google Документы Maplestory Reboot Guide Linked by pocket pog (Updating ATM).You should aim to get epic 6% stat potentials on your Pensalir gear, which you can then transfer hammer to theRIP SINGAPORE :( RIP POTTABLE BADGES- On a serious note though, badge best in slot now is the magnus crystal... Maplestory Reboot: How to get Blackgate Rings -… Тут можно смотреть видео Maplestory Reboot: How to get Blackgate Rings онлайн и без регистрации, а также скачать бесплатно.

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How to equip a Pocket item? - When I try to Equip a Pocket item, it says that I need a Pocket slot or something like that. Can someone tell me how to get a Pocket slot? I hear it's something about having 30 Fame. BasilMarket How do you unlock pocket slot? thread First you must have Level 30 Charm. Some character classes start out at that level, most classes you have to raise your Charm to 30. When you achieve 30 Charm you will receive a quest from "BigHeadward" in the Henesys Hair Salon.

(Reboot) - Phantom (self.Maplestory). submitted 10 months ago by Pojlaib. I'm a level 168 phantom. I been doing a lot of bossing lately and trying to get equips for myIf you need nmag help, feel free to whisp me in game. My ign is Morenci.Also do ghost park to get your charm to lv 30 for a pocket slot.

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How to Make Money in Maple Story Without Playing. Learn how to make Mesos while you sleep. This guide will teach you a simple solution to your MapleStory money problems.

, MapleStory Reboot Adventure Episode 21 - MASSIVE BOOST In Range.Finally, after a few months I get my Arcane Umbra Staff in Reboot! and then... ▽ TWITCH STREAM ▽ http, MapleStory Reboot Adventure Episode 20 - INSANE DOUBLE MIRACLE TIME CUBING GAINS! Pocket MapleStory How to get candy | Gamers Unite! IOS Pocket MapleStory. 153 views. Pocket MapleStory How to get candy.

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Best in slot maplestory reboot Maplestory Reboot: How to get Blackgate Rings In this video, I explain the step-by-step process in getting a Blackgate ring in Maplestory.Aclarando algunas dudas a mis amigos de LatinPride con respecto a como subir rapido el charm y obtener el slot de Pocket Item. Getting started in Pocket MapleStory | pocket maplestory Essentially, Pocket MapleStory is a new version of the popular MMO MapleStory created for iOS and Android devices. It's a side scrolling RPG adventure game thatBefore getting into the game, you’re going to need to pick your character and class. For the launch of Pocket MapleStory, the developers...